"About a year and a 1/2 ago I was considering to purchase a home. Back in 2006 remax had sold my house so I decided to use RE/MAX again to help me find a house so living here in Missouri I've decided to look up remax and I came across Hazel Binkley such a wonderful person, beautiful profile and so much experience out there with 30 years and more. After meeting Hazel I felt so confident that she's the one that was going to help me find my house it took us a while and boy did we have some moments we were up-and-down, happy, sad, and disappoint, but most of all we had each other she supported me and I support her. At times things were rough and when things were great we just celebrated with a cup of coffee on my days off on Thursdays, or we would just go out for breakfast. Having Hazel Binkley as my agent was the best thing that God gave me because she was such a blessing because when that time came to find my home, I closed on my birthday, June 19th 2017, got monies back, and before I knew it I was in my home. What a Joy, and having a friend like Hazel Binkley (such a Gods gift)...."

- Brenda H

"Hi Hazel, We just wanted to send you this email letting you know what a pleasure it was having you sell our home. Not only did you sell it quickly, you took care of all the necessary paperwork and addressed all of our concerns. You make us feel like we were doing business with a good friend rather then a person who just wanted to sell our home. We do appreciate your hard work and effort regarding the sale of our home."

- Gerard & Karen

"What can we say about Hazel, she never quits on her clients until all are happy. They broke the mold on that one they did!!! Very satisfied clients!!!! Hire her."

- B & S

We love Hazel's professionalism

"Hi Hazel: I very much appreciated your kind words and trust me. It has been MY pleasure getting to know you better. Sometimes it seems like there are so few "professionals" in real estate anymore, but I would count you in the small group of professionals that are still out there! You are always welcome at my real estate project and if you ever need to come back in, please just let me know. Best to you."

- Brad B

Love Hazel's passion for real estate

"Hazel is a great real estate agent who is patient, kind, caring to my needs l50% and most importantly a blessing in my life. Hazel has been very understanding regarding any concerns &/or questions I had and was prompt to answer. Hazel has made me feel very comfortable through this whole process and will be highly recommended to family or friends looking for a home."

- Jessica O

Hazel cares for her clients

"Thank you so much for the calendar. Believe it or not, I've looked high and low for a calendar that fits in around here. Yours is perfect and reminds me of the care and concern you showed me throughout the sale of our property up North. I hope God is continuing to care for you and will ask for his protection over you, and your real estate business .Will talk with you soon."

- Wayne R

We appreciate you, Hazel

"I would like to Thank You for all you have done for me, and I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for being there for me and thanks for a wonderful home. You are a DEAR! Hoping for a lasting friendship."

- Judy E

More Testimonials Available

"I have accrued many more testimonials through my beloved clients over the years and would gladly share them with you upon request."


See what clients are saying about Hazel!

"What a wonderful surprise getting that Heart on my front door! You really didn't have to do that but the thought made my day more than you'll ever know. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Again, you have made the buying process so smooth and everything has been going great. It's a lot more to clean, but all in all, I am happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Eric R

Hazel goes above & beyond!

"Hazel, I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for all your help. This is the fourth time you have helped me with real estate needs and it has been a pleasurable experience all times. Not only did you take care of all the business very professionally and efficiently, but you have also been a friend and a pleasure to visit with. I know that if I ever have anymore real estate business to do, you will for sure be the one I count on. Of course, I will refer you to any one that I hear of that has real estate needs. Thank you very much Hazel."

- Charles K

Real estate Agent and best friend

"Hazel: Thinking back, we have been through several houses and years together haven't we? Steve says 7 sides, and he always says time to call Hazel.. We so value you not only as a good realtor, but a good friend. Thanks again, and please stop by for a visit sometime...."

- Steve & Cheryl